Customer reviews

Shanomi, Legal, AB​
My apartment was an energetic mess with six digital power meters on the outside wall. I needed help. After talking with Don on the phone, I knew I had found someone who was extremely knowledgeable, accommodating and really caring about people. Since placing one of his beautiful orgone pyramids in my living room, not only are the energies in my home much calmer but also I am having more restful sleeps, increased vitality and less mental stress. I also use his charging plate to energize all my food and beverages as well as health care products. Being an intuitive empath and energy therapist, I know the importance of living in positive balanced energy for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being. I highly recommend these spiritual orgonite products to anyone.
Diana C.

My experience with a root chakra dildo. This dildo is red with rose quartz, amethyst, blood stone, and light blue quartz. I was doing a 20 minute chakra meditation with this unit and I would not recommend going longer to start with. I used water based lube and inserted it before starting the meditation. It was a bit cold and took a few minutes to warm up. Next time I will put it in front of the fireplace (not too close) for a little bit first.

It took me some trying to find a comfortable position, but I usually don’t find dildos comfortable anyway. Although I was a bit flustered knowing that I would write a review, I managed to notice a couple of things that were different.

It felt a little odd to use a dildo without touching myself, but I ignored the impulse to do so for this trial.
I usually visualize the colors of the chakras while meditating, and the lower chakras definitely had brighter colors than usual. They were very vibrant and active. By the time I got to the throat chakra, I felt a warm stream of energy going from my sacral chakra up my spine to the throat. It was a mild, pleasant feeling and lasted until I moved on to the next chakra.

Deb B.
I have an orgonite pyramid that Don made and gifted to me. Without telling Don, he used my favourite color combination. I keep it close by to fend off the negative energies. Thank you Don for this beautiful gift. You knew just what I wanted and I will treasure it always.
The pyramid I received is beautiful, I love how bright the colors are and how the stones look like there floating inside. It’s well constructed and I like how it doesn’t slip around on my shelf. Overall I’m very happy I have it.
I love my pyramid is beautiful and gives my home some peace and tranquility. These works of are not just beauty enhancements for your living space but also make you feel energized and at peace. I would recommend these to anyone. I am making a purchase soon for one of their key chains.
I received a pyramid from Spiritual Orgonite this past fall.I use it to counteract the less than optimal frequencies generated by the electronics in my home.It has been wonderful for that! I am quite satisfied with it.

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