Customer reviews


I received a pyramid from Spiritual Orgonite this past fall.I use it to counteract the less than optimal frequencies generated by the electronics in my home.It has been wonderful for that! I am quite satisfied with it.
Marketah Allen




The pyramid I received is beautiful, I love how bright the colors are and how the stones look like there floating inside. It’s well constructed and I like how it doesn’t slip around on my shelf. Overall I’m very happy I have it.




I love my pyramid is beautiful and gives my home some peace and tranquility. These works of are not just beauty enhancements for your living space but also make you feel energized and at peace. I would recommend these to anyone. I am making a purchase soon for one of their key chains.


 Deb B.


I have an orgonite pyramid that Don made and gifted to me.   Without telling Don, he used my favourite color combination.   I keep it close by to fend off the negative energies.   Thank you Don for this beautiful gift.  You knew just what I wanted and I will treasure it always.   😁